Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My University :D

To enter university, you should select the race you like, after performing the preregistration and submit proof of admission must spend an average of fifteen, after being accepted you must make the entry of all your documents, you to go to the register to pay the monthly fee and wait for days for the start of classes, registration is manual and must register according to your career and identity card number. you have a card with your information and photo that will allow you access to all areas inside the university. you shouldn´t smoke or use inappropriate clothing inside the university.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This happened in the Bank BOD to 11a.m. when it was entering the armored one with the full bank of people arrived 8 men masked in two Hummer light trucks with firearms and it aimed to him with a weapon at the clients for would give his properties him and they would not shout and forcing the manager of the bank abrir the strong box of security they do not understand where the thieves had left so fast an operator who was hidden warning to the CICPC and to the police when they left the bank took five people from hostages and the persecution began and the shooting was through all the avenue cecilio acosta and behind the patrols crossed by delights to secure the miracle, to happen through the guard until they went a traffic light and caused to an accident quadrupled 5 dead ones and 3 hurt later surrounded them and began another shooting until obtaining the capture 3 criminals were wounded and were transferred to the hospital when curing them took to the jail returning the money and the properties to them.

Today´s Trends at Urbe.

Legends ...!

The Queen Mary Lionza

Maria Lionza Nívar was a maiden, the daughter of a powerful cacique delighted Nirgua. The Shaman of the village had predicted that when a child born from prying eyes, green eyes water, had to sacrifice and offer it to the Lord of Water,the Great Anaconda because otherwise life would ruin and extinction of Nívar. But his father was unable to do so. And the girl hid in a cave on the mountain, with 22 warriors who guarded and prevented their departure. She was forbidden to be in the ponds. But one day a mysterious force the guards fell asleep and the beautifulyoung man left the cave and walk to the lake, discovering his own reflection in the water. She was delighted with his vision. Just woke up to the Lord of the GreatAnaconda Water, who emerged from the depths, falling in love with her ​​anddrawing her to him. In Lake Mary Lionza and powerful serpent held a spiritual and mystical communion. When his father discovered the union, try to separate them.Anaconda then grew and became huge burst causing a great flood that destroyed the village and its people. From that day Maria Lonza became the goddessprotector of Freshwater, Forests and Wild Animal.

Is a legend of love and suffering where the union of both caused a disaster, we must never oppose prevent situations without future consequences.

The Twins

There were two twin sisters who get along very well, like they were born to be friends, never fought, rarely discussed, shared everything they could, had the same likes and dislikes and even dressed like that.

The girls followed the advice of the mother and this followed his course with his back, but no sooner had walked a few feet, he heard a terrible noise, something like the noise made by a coconut to break.

They were his daughters, lying on the floor with their heads crushed and the brains scattered with shards of bone. In the distance a truck fled at full speed, the driver probably distracted by the phone or perhaps after having taken a couple of drinks when food, rolled without even slowing down. The reckless driver to feel the little bodies crushed under the wheels of the truck accelerated and not only not aided, but it also endangered other drivers who might have an accident when crossed with him in his desperate flight.

But this time for the world neglect its small. The was forbidden to cross the street alone.
One day however he saw while playing in the park near his house were getting too close to the street and, terrified, I screamed to a halt, to which they replied in unison:
No cross-thought, and once we run over here and will not happen again ...

In the town they say that in the calm nights when you happen through the street you could listen to the laughter of the children crossing the street The union of the twins is so strong that it can pass from one generation to the next, went to demonstrated that they can feel what he feels his sister in any type of situation, we must care for our children and not leave them alone for emergency or distress.